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My first large journey into Northern Europe started in 1995 for four weeks. We took a minibus, sleeping bags and food with us for travelling through Sweden, Norway, north Finland and east Denmark. In the south of Norway we stayed somewhat longer because of all the attractions there. However I can only describe some of the highlights on this website.

In the south of Sweden we went to Malmö, Helsinborg and also Lund with the old cathedral. On the way to Oslo we drove through Göteborg and we saw the Vänern. The Väner is the largest lake of Sweden and the third largest lake in Europe.

City hall in Malmö Cathedral in Lund Göteborg city center Vänern - largest lake in Sweden Sweden close to Norway
Malmö Lund Göteborg Vänern Sweden

Oslo, the capital of Norway is situated at the end of the Oslofjord. You find the city centre between three special places: between the Royal Castle in the northwest, the railway station in the southeast and the port and city hall in the south. From the port ferries go to the museum peninsula Bygdøy where you can visit historical buildings and ships.

City hall Oslo Castle Oslo Oslo station square Port Akerbrygge in Oslo Stave church on the museum peninsula Bygdøy in Oslo at Amundsen's Fram
City hall Castle Oslo station Port Bygdøy at the Fram
City center of Oslo

After staying in Oslo our most beautiful days in Norway began: daily we saw fjords, mountains and many waterfalls. After mountains and highlands we saw wide valleys or narrow ravines and reverse again.

We went from Oslo to the west and saw at first some smaller, later also larger and more waterfalls. We also visited some of the typical Stave Churches. Finally we admired many of the world-famous fjords of Norway.

Waterfall Låtefoss Utnefjord Stave church in Hopperstad on the mountain Dalsnibba Bergen seen from the Fløyen Dockland Bryggen in Bergen
Låtefoss Utnefjord Stave Dalsnibba Bergen Bryggen

For one day we went by train in the highlands. We took the Bergen Railway from Voss to Finse and the Flåms Railway. The Flåms Railway goes from Myrdal, where also the Bergen Railway stops, into the Aurlandsfjord and down to Flåms. On twenty kilometers the train climbs 867 meter up.

On a clear and calm morning we left the Sognefjord towards the Lustrafjord and we stoped after discovering the unique picture of sun, fog, clouds and water.

Railway station Myrdal with the Bergen Railway in the highlands Sognefjord Stave church in Borgund Lustrafjord in the morning Lustrafjord close to Skjolden
Myrdal Bergen Railway Sognefjord Borgund Lustrafjord in the morning
the south of Norway

The mountain world of Norway is ideal for some hiking and climbing tours. We spent some hours as well at the largest mainland glacier of Europe - the Jostedalsbre - as in Jotunheimen where you find several mountains with a high of more than 2400 meter.

In Norway they did not build only the stave churches out of timber but also the houses like in Røros (mining industry town southeast of Trondheim). Røros is part of the World Heritage of the UNESCO.

Glacier tongue of the Jostedalsbreen high mountains Jotunheimen Snow fields in the Jotunheimen Geirangerfjord Trollstigen Timber buildings in Røros
Jostedalsbre Jotunheimen Summit Geiranger Trollstigen Røros

Beyond the Polar Circle the landscape becomes flatter and the vegetation more meager. Not far away from Bodø we saw the largest narrow stream of the world: Saltstraumen. Because of the narrow end of a fjord at the Atlantic Ocean there are intensive ebb and flood-time with a strong stream.

After stopping in Tromsø and Hammerfest we reached the North Cape island Magerøya by ferry. Today there is a tunnel under the bay. But the famous North Cape rock is actually not the northernmost point of Europe, if you do not watch at Svalbard and Greenland. The northernmost point is just a little rock some minutes west of the cape. We could hardly see both rocks because we were wrapped into dense clouds unfortunately.

Cathedral in Trondheim Svartisen glacier crash Saltstraumen Narvik ore station Church in Tromsø North of Norway
Trondheim Svartisen Straum Narvik Tromsø Norway

On the return journey we drove through Finland and Sweden. We saw the lake Inari and the capital of Lappland, Rovaniemi. Via Luleå, Umeå and Uppsala we continued to reach the Swedish capital Stockholm.

North Cape island Magerøya Lake Inari in Lappland Capital of Lappland: Rovaniemi Umeå telephone house Uppsala cathedral and old houses
Magerøya Lake Inari Rovaniemi Umeå Uppsala

In Stockholm we visited the city center in detail during very good weather. The main attraction is the central island "Gamla Stan" with all the multicolored houses and the narrow steep lanes. Later we went in the south of Sweden and took a bath in the lake Vättern.

Castle of Stockholm Storkyrkan Tyska Kyrkan Norrköping Sko convent Lake Vättern
Stockholm Church Lane Norrköping Sko convent Vättern

Finally we arrived in Copenhagen and at the next day on the island Møn with its chalk rock coast. During good weather you can see the white coast of Møn from the German island Hiddensee. In the port of Gedser there is still the former ramp for the railway trains which went by ferry to Rostock until the early nineties.

This is the end of my first big journey to the North of Europe. I saw many places which I will explore during some of my next Scandinavia tours.

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Copenhagen Christianshavn Marble Church Copenhagen Church on Møn Møn chalk rock coast Port in Gedser
København Art Møn church Møn Gedser

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